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We clean and sanitize public and private properties including:

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We are equipped with the technology and solutions

to effectively clean your business for the Coronavirus.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services include:

Disinfectant Sprayer and Solutions

Trauma Solutions uses CDC approved cleaners and disinfectants to remove traces of bacteria and germs from surfaces. Our Bio-hazard cleaning solutions remove all traces of COVID-19, HIV, Hepatitis, and MRSA.

Skilled Technicians

Trauma Solutions technicians are trained to properly clean and disinfect all surface areas in accordance with OSHA guidelines. We’ll treat your home or office with utmost discretion and quality care.

24/7 Service and Care

Trauma Solutions of South Florida is dedicated to meeting the needs of the community anytime day or night with quality commercial  and biohazard cleaning services. Request a Quote

Our Services

Electrostatic spraying is an efficient process that can support standard cleaning techniques and help kill current pathogen risks while combating future ones. This cutting-edge technology uses a sprayer to release double-charged particles that envelope all conductive surfaces – shadowed, vertical, and underneath adhering to every dip, crack and crevice. Trauma Solutions also offers more traditional cleaning options that can be used in conjunction with electrostatic spraying. You will have peace of mind, knowing that every surface, corner, chair back, and carpet has been thoroughly disinfected to combat anywhere the coronavirus may hide.


Our disinfecting and sanitation service uses hospital-grade, safe chemicals to kill germs. The solution is approved by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. 

Designated surfaces generally include flooring, walls, and furniture.

The spray is a fine mist that dries within 10 minutes and is safe for hard and soft designated surfaces.

All common high-touch points, such as door and cabinet handles, railings, tables, chairs, elevator buttons, phones, light switches, appliances, and water fountains, are wiped down.

All Trauma Solutions employees wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment of rubber gloves, booties, and masks.

This is a single treatment to be repeated upon request.

New Electrostatic Technology

 Our Electrostatic Sprayers are utilized for a more thorough cleaning. Foggers just mist certain portions of the contents in a home or office, but with an electrostatic sprayer, it causes an electric charge that comes from the nozzle and makes each droplet to act as if a magnet and cleans a 360-degree area because it clings around everything not just the surface where the fog only meets the part sprayed. ‘We Clean Because We Care!’ We are insured and licensed through the Florida Dept of Health.

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